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Planet of the Bengals

"A US company offering a pet cloning service has successfully cloned two cats"

Notice bipeds that they chose bengals to clone. Copy Cat didn't stand a chance to us cool Bengals

Read the story

genetic savings and clone site: http://www.savingsandclone.com/


13 and I have a *photoshoot* today.

fear our feline cuteness

ding ding ding!!!

Thats right bipeds CAT Fights! Boxing felings going neck to neck.

Check it out that link and make sure to watch the video here.

My sister 13 better not make me mad or I WILL get out MY boxing gloves and give her the Bengal beatdown!

there has been talk of this 'halloween' thing again. Mommy better not get any 'ideas' and dress us up. I still remember the last time she did that. *sharpening claws*

although a costume is not as bad as this: catprin:tailor for cats. Really now do those cats look happy playing along in some maniacal dress up party ?? DO THEY!??!! If you want some thing to dress up don't use your kitty. they get really cranky ...trust me..

teenage mutant ninja turtle!

This is my turtle friend Argento.

one more fotoCollapse )

curiouser and curiouser..

there's been talk of that abstink stuff lately.. I wonder what it is..

more later

Rules of Cat Physics explained by Jynx

Very Exciting kitty news!!1

Yes there is a new feline only site called catster. No more silly friendster or dogster! its about time they started to recognize us FELINES


Oh and mommy set up a profile for us:

My Profile & 13's profile.


for shame kitties!

I saw mommy watching this movie that missmortem had on her lj. Usually I dont mind those things but she was laughing so hard.. hmm so decided to investigate this movie..

watch the skeery kitty movie here

Mommy better not get any "ideas"

oh yah today I had a big avocado thanks to mom and the farmers market - meowr

Mar. 20th, 2004

WWJD - what would jynxie do?

Grave Robbers!!

Come see my friends Dinah's new band!!

Sat March 6th

The Demon Pit
@ Bobby's with
Dinah Cancer & the Grave Robbers A tribute to 45 Grave
Coffin Draggers
Blackrose Phantoms
Kastle Greyskull
The Henchmen
Bobby's Montebello Inn
624 W Whittier Blvd
Montebello, Ca

18+ Doors Open @ 8:00 p.m

info: for Grave Robbers & Dinah Cancer www.geocities.com/dinahcancerpft/



kitty friends

this my friend midnight

midnight & 13

He comes around past midnight. that is why mommy named him so. he's okay.. i suppose for a boi kitty... i wonder if they make those shirts that mommy likes for kitties.. you know the one that says boys are stupid, throw rocks at them but mine would say 'boy cats are stupid, throw litter at them'. HA!

He gets me into a lot of kitty trouble. He growls at me. I get mad and punch him through the screen window. Mommy gets mad cos there is a huge ruckus. Does she not understand that he is ANNOYING ME?? ! I guess I will have to take these matters into my own paws..


what up foos! jynx here.. i know its been a while but my mommy has this job
and it stinks.. well for a kitty it does. I hardly see her and she's usually tired.
which means no time for ME! does she not know she is only living here because I allow her to??
I'm gonna have to talk to her about this lack of updates!

now back to yours truly...I'm on a sekrit KITTY mission to EAT my mommy's avocado!
mwrarrar. my sister yes SISTER.. mommy digitalobscura and past momma vampkitty are so silly. they think all the kittens are bois! HA.
anyhow peewee or as you know her 13 loves PEAS!! PEAS!!?? what about the good stuff like avocados?? kittens nowadays what do they know..

back to my avocado theiving mission..