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Whats been going on in chez brat cat!

Little Man here.. A lot has gone on in our cat lives.. Mommy moved to Burbank.. We like it.. Lots o windows to spy on our neighboors on.. Birds to look at.. etc
This is my blankie.. there are maaaaaany like it.. but this is my blankie..
And my bitch rats who know who the boss is..

Oh thats bela otherwise know as burnt kitty or char char. She's cool. We get into trouble together..
we started a new fun trend.. Tubmonkeys. we like to brawl in teh wee hours of the night.. wake up mommy with our fights.. =)

thats all .. more later..

I rule

an update ----- finally!!

New cat in the house!!

Update coming up very soon ..


74 89 78 88 - as ASCII values
2 8 6 7 - digits added
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
2 8 6 7 - digits added

Thus, "jynx" is 2867.

Add 2971 to it - this is the year guillotine was first used, written backwards - you will get 5838.

Multiply the number by 002 - this is the symbol of greed, from right to left. It gives 11676.

Subtract 5491 from the number - this is the year Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked to make the world a better place, written backwards. It gives 6185.

Subtract 1887, the year Erwin Schrodinger, known for hatred to all furry animals and heresy, was born. The result will be 4298.

Subtract 1977, the year Elvis left the planet. The result will be 2321.

This, when read backwards, gives 1232. This is 666 in octal, the number of the BEAST

In memoriam of 13

I have some very very sad news to share with you in case you were not aware of this:
On Monday May 2nd 2005, I lost my fellow playmate 13.

13 was only with us for almost two years. Sadly, her young life came to an end due to a medical complication. She was my best friend and I miss her everyday. I will always remember the good times we had playing, fighting, and getting in trouble together.

Rest in peace sweet little 13

Your memory lives on, within our hearts, within our minds.
We'll always love you, cherishing the love and memories
that we still have for you.

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest,
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed

There is no pain, I suffer not,
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath,
Remember not the strife.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.

the things kitties do in the rain..

*Mewsflash* I now like muenster cheesee...
it's much better than gouda, me thinks..
This rain business better stop.. It's cutting into my
birdwatching.. raaaaaawr


I found a new hiding place!

have you missed me??

THANK YOU uglyshyla for our NEW kitty toys!! =)
cultofscooter is one lucky kitty!

more jynx pix hereCollapse )

Happy Howl 'o' ween

Jynx & I would like to wish you a Happy Halloween!

more pix of jynx & 13Collapse )


Here are some tips about cat eyes:

1. We cats can't see in total darkness. There must be some level of light available.

2. Scientists have determined that we cats do perceive color, but our behavior indicates that we don't have much of an appreciation for it. Well... we don't want to make it too easy for the scientists!

3.Our cat eyes don't give off light (as in our beautiful glowing eyes.) Our Tapetum Lucidum reflects light, creating the glow effect.

3.We cats can see things you hairless mammals often miss, like a small insect flying through the room. This sometimes makes it appear that we are seeing "ghosts" or things that aren't there.

4. We cats have an internal eyelid that closes when we sleep. Please don't go looking for it-- unless you want us to scratch you up real good!

5. Our pupils (the opening in our eyes, not our students) automatically expand for light conditions, just as in you humans, but our pupils have a wider range of motion, going from the commonly seen "slit" to a wide open circle. The pupil dilation indicates our sensitivity to the ambient light, not our mood or emotions silly humans. We have other ways of expressing those! *sharpens claws*

For more information on cat vision